How to Write a Great Essay: 07 Steps
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How to Write a Great Essay: 07 Steps

Do you dislike writing essays? Are you looking for writing advice that will enable you to create fantastic essays while also having fun?

Lots of students, young and old, detest essay writing. It’s a challenging project that frequently requires a lot of study, effort, and focuses.

It’s a task that you can also divide into reasonable, fun chunks, making essay writing possible.

These seven essay writing suggestions have dramatically revolutionised my technique, and I hope they can do the same for you.

Essay-Writing Is Entertaining

I was a mediocre essay writer for the majority of high school and college, to be honest.

I occasionally produced excellent essays, but for the most part, I got by on Bs and A-minuses.

I am well aware of both how tedious and challenging it may be to create a good essay.

However, I had a breakthrough near the end of my time as a student. Not only did I learn how to write an excellent essay from an online essay writer, but I also discovered how to enjoy myself while doing it.

I want to provide you with these seven essay writing pointers today.

Recall That Your Essay Is Merely A Story

Essays deal with conflict and change, just like every other kind of writing does. However, the conflict in an essay is between numerous ideas, and the change is in our perspective of those ideas.

The best articles, then, are those that surprise the reader: “You probably believe it’s one way, but in reality, you should think of it this other way.

How do you decide which narrative to tell? The question should state this.

There will be a range of topics and corresponding activities on any list of essay questions. Characters from history, fiction, or current events who must make difficult decisions can be found in those areas. It is your responsibility to deal with these possibilities, typically by analyzing, discussing, researching, or elaborating on them.

Ask Yourself, “How Can I Have The Greatest Fun Writing This? ” Before You Begin.”

It’s normal to feel uninspired after finishing an academic essay. I have to admit that despite being a writer, I don’t always want to write. But I like to utilise a super-ninja, a judo-mind trick to inspire myself.

Here’s an insider tip: Your subconscious will respond to whatever queries you pose to it, which is one of its intriguing qualities. So, if you lack the desire to compose your essay, consider the following:

How much enjoyment can I get from writing this?

Right now, your subconscious mind will begin generating suggestions on how to improve the writing experience.

The first draught is the finest place to have fun. The first draught is the ideal place to get creative and even a touch scandalous because you’re just investigating the issue and potential approaches to it.

  • Here are some wild concepts to add some flavour to your forthcoming essay:
  • Select the topic’s craziest or most shocking truth and use it as your hook.
  • Use a thesaurus to look up the key terms related to the issue
  • As you write, go crazy with your vocabulary and incorporate as many keyword synonyms as you can.
  • Take the opposite or immoral position and play devil’s advocate. As you write, follow the discussion to see where it leads.

 Overwhelmed? Make Five Unique Sentences

Five unique sentences, surrounded by supporting paragraphs that elaborate on those five, make up the bulk of the typical three-point essay. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just sum up your essential points in five sentences.

For this article, they might resemble what follows:

Introduction: Even if the majority of students find writing essays to be tedious assignments, it is possible to enjoy the process if you approach it with the proper attitude.

Body #1: Because they concentrate on rewards from outside sources, most students perceive essay writing as tedious.

Body #2: When writing an essay, students should put more emphasis on their satisfaction.

Body #3: By concentrating on personal fulfilment, students will not only have more fun but will also produce better essays.

Conclusion: Writing an essay need not just be a means of getting a decent mark. Instead, it might be a way to achieve fulfilment.

Filling up the paragraphs for each of your five sentences is simple once you’ve written them.

You try it out right now!

Write The Body Of The Essay First, Followed By The Introduction, And The Conclusion

Because you’re trying to summarise your entire essay before you’ve even started writing it, introductions are frequently the most challenging parts to write. Instead, consider writing your introduction last and using the paper’s body to determine your essay’s major topic.

When writing an essay about a subject you are not very interested in, this is essential. This is something I wholeheartedly advise doing in classes you either struggle with or don’t enjoy. Before attempting to write a relevant introduction paragraph, give your body paragraphs plenty of time to draft and be revised.

If not, your introduction could sound uncomfortable, wooden, and uninteresting.

Having No Fear, Leap Around

Writing essays might resemble dancing. You are not required to write from beginning to conclusion while being stationary.

Permit yourself to write as if you are exploring your subject rather than presenting a clear, concise argument. You may then confirm that everything lines up properly during editing and proofreading.

It’s a good idea to highlight right now that proofreading your essay entails more than just checking your punctuation and spelling.

Making sure your analysis or argument smoothly transitions from one notion to the next is important. (Okay, technically this also includes editing, but let’s be honest, most students don’t take the time to complete every step of the writing process.)

Therefore, as you finish proofreading, make sure your ideas flow easily, logically, and organically from one to the next while also fixing your grammar and sentence structure.

The Following Are Some Terms And Phrases You Should Avoid Using

You (You’ll note I use a lot of you, which is wonderful for a blog post, but it’s best to remove the second-person in an academic essay.)

  • Clichés
  • Some
  • That
  • Things
  • verbs of being (are, are, was, were, am)

Lacking the time to edit? Here is an editing trick that works incredibly fast.

A word about “I”: Although some teachers advise against it, professional academic papers frequently employ expressions like “I believe” and “in my opinion,”, especially in their openers.

 You May Use Wikipedia If…

For a good reason, Wikipedia is among the top five websites in the world: it’s a fantastic resource for research. However, few professors and lecturers accept Wikipedia as a reliable resource for essays.

But don’t completely rule it out! Here are two methods for incorporating Wikipedia into your essay:

Background investigation: Wikipedia can be an excellent resource to rapidly learn everything you need to know to get started if you don’t know enough about your subject.

Locate sources: Examine the references in the articles on your topic on Wikipedia. Wikipedia itself might not be cited, but you can frequently locate the sources and do so.

You Can Enjoy Writing Essays

My biggest regret from high school and college is that I saw them as obligations rather than as opportunities.

The fact is that many people around the world lack access to education.

It’s a gift rather than just something that makes life more challenging. I don’t want you to make the error of “getting by” in class while impatiently looking forward to summer breaks and, finally, graduation.

What aspects of your life might improve if you actively enjoyed writing essays? How would school appear if you wanted to take everything it had to offer you and suck it dry?

Don’t miss out, is all I’m saying.

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